Dove Charitable Trust

Established in 1994 

Dove Charitable Trust is a private New Zealand based trust that exists to help groups in the community, with a primary focus on those working towards social justice.

Set up in 1994, the Trust derives its income from capital provided by the Owners and Directors of Dove Electronics Ltd, a NZ-wide I.T. distributor and wholesaler, and their other businesses and investments.

We have no connections with overseas trusts using the Dove Name.

The Trust supports a cross section of charities but tends to focus on lesser known organisations and smaller local communities.

Examples of the areas we are involved in include:

  • Improvement of life conditions for women and children across NZ, and in the Pacific.
  • Individual womens refuges.
  • Amnesty International
  • Organisations involved in, and with, at-risk communities.
  • City Missions
  • Prison and post-prison work
  • Opposition to slavery in its many forms
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Funding Information

  • Instead of inviting applications, we will now approach the organisations we're interested in funding.
  • Prospective applicants may seek an invitation to apply
  • If invited/approached, please observe the following:

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